Ryno & Marisa’s Wedding

January 21, 2017 | Couples, Weddings

“I love you neither
with my heart
Nor with my mind.

My heart might stop
my mind can forget

I love you with my soul
My soul never stops
Or forgets.”

~ by Rumi

I really enjoyed capturing this couples special day. Their love for each other true and sweet. Seeing Marisa cheer on Ryno, his biggest fan and Ryno light up as soon as Marisa came walking down the isle. Priceless.

A warm but lovely day at Casa Grande in Brits closed off with rain showers, cooling down the earth, a sign of hope and new life, just as these two celebrated their new life together,accompanied by their friends and family members.

” and the two shall become one”
Ephesians 5:31″

Couple: Ryno & Marisa
Venue: Casa Grande Guest Lodge, Brits